Introducing Oudeziel

A new signing on the Rock Company label:

Captain Danger, Love Sweet Love, 2021

Los Angeles based band Captain Danger released this 6 track EP in 2021 and on it, they blend pop, rock, funk and

Opensight, Mondo Fiction, 2022

Back in 2010 I wrote about an EP by Opensight and ended with wishing they’d release on CD. Probably I missed a

Markus Reuter, Truce 2, 2022

And here we have an album released in 2022! Based on the musical input by high profiled Moonjune artists, Markus Reuter ((touch)guitars

Cos, Grace, 2021

Out of the blue arrived this album from Mark W. Costoso, who releases his music under the Cos banner. And what a

Beledo, Seriously Deep, 2021

Here we are in 2023, and I am still listening to albums sent to me in 2021. Anyway, a promise is a

Sean Webster Band, Three Nights Live, 2021

Not a name I was familiar with, but nevertheless, a man with a Les Paul in his hands could prove to be

Asaf Sirkis, Solar Flash, 2021

Israeli drummer Asaf Sirkis has teamed up with famed UK keyboardist Gary Husband and Scottish bassist Kevin Glasgow to create his new

Wine Guardian, Timescape, 2021

Another Italian prog band, but coming more from a metal perspective, when compared to my previous post about Karmamoi. Wine Guardian are

Karmamoi, Room 101, 2021

Previous album The Day Is Done showed that Karmamoi are more than capable of combining powerful lyrical content, with emotional and intelligent

Sylvan, One To Zero, 2021

Being my usual late self to all the releases still waiting for me to review them, in case of Sylvan I do

RPWL, God Has Failed – Live and Personal, 2021

This RPWL release features a live in the studio rerecording of their debut, marking its 20th anniversary. Of course, this was intended

At The Grove, And All The Fear We Left Behind, 2021

Sometimes an album just puts a smile on your face. And here is one of them. Already on first play, I was

Rome, Parlez-Vous Hate?, 2021

While I am late to the party, Rome was rather quick to follow up on The Lone Furrow, with this, Parlez-vous Hate?