21 Eyes Of Ruby, Conquer The World pt. 5, 2010

21 eyes of ruby - conquer the world pt5Another discovery thanks to Progstreaming. And funny they reside not that far away from me either. Still, my first encounter with the band with the beautiful name 21 Eyes Of Ruby with what I guess is their fifth album in their pursuit of world dominance…

The style they play is probably in general called alternative rock or metal. 21EOR are a trio in the classic mould of drums, bass and guitar and are also pretty self supporting. Writing, playing, recording, mixing, mastering, artwork, the whole lot. For that alone they deserve credit.

But on to the music, what can you expect from this album? Well one thing is for sure, this is no light weighted affair. With songs lasting between 2 and 9 minutes, you know this takes time to get into. Still I feel the guys manage to deliver songs with attitude, groove and they are able to spice things up with attractive arrangements of guitar and vocals. Sometimes even giving the songs an eastern flavour that is hard to resist. A lot of dynamics in the music, and sometimes a theme is repeated until you are hooked to it. And rest assured, drums and bass know quite well what they are doing as well. I really dug the drum sound on this, very natural sounding. No standard lyrics either, which is a good thing in my book. If all this tingles your curiosity, go check them out before they come a knocking on your door 😉