66Crusher, Blackest Day, 2011

66crusher - Blackest dayAnother very pleasant surprise for me is this band with the mysterious name of 66crusher. The album title and artwork of Blackest Day hint at depressive metal with dark influences, but to these ears, what we have here is a delightful mixture of progressive metal à la Porcupine Tree, with the sound, song structure and complexity of a band like Fates Warning. And sung by someone who would easily be at home in any alternative band.

So when the album explodes with the title track, I am immediately captured by the song structure and build. From fierce up-tempo riffing, to fragile and melancholic moods within seconds. Resulting in an exciting experience. If I may say so, from the very first spins it is obvious this band has managed to create an identifiable sound. Everything, from the fast changing rhythmic patterns, to the playing within the thoughtful arrangements (from dreams to nightmare and back so to speak) to the melodies, this is a great band at work.

And I reckon that is about enough said about this album. Mandatory for anyone into the genre. Or if you are curious what there is to like about progressive metal, check these guys out. An album to never stop playing!