Aaron Brooks, Homunculus, 2018

aaron brooks - homunculusAfter a 2 year hiatus, former Simeon Soul Charger songwriter Aaron Brooks returns to the scene. Helping him are, amongst others, 2 people that will peek the interest of the progressive community: Yogi Lang and Kalle Wallner from RPWL. Still that does not mean that this is a full on progressive album. Yes, you hear elements here and there. Like mellotron, or some more elaborate arrangements to spice things up. Yet in essence I think this will appeal to anyone who loves the vibe of the sixties. Or the other qualities on offer.

On to the music then:  with a few exceptions, most songs clock in at around 3 minutes. Brooks must have had his melancholy hat on when writing most of them, because the feel that is pouring from them is full of emotion. And since the songs are very melodic, the outcome is a very warm and entertaining album.
The song titles seem to be telling a lot (alas the promo does not come with lyrics): Consume, You’re Just A Picture In A Frame, Everybody Dies, By Your Halo Or The Fork Of Your Tongue, Nobody Knows What It’s Like To Be Someone Else or my favourite: What Is A Man But An Animal’s End.  Guess some people needed dealing with 🙂

To conclude this is an album for many uses. To listen to with attention and admire the storytelling and melodies. Or to play in the background when you have friends over, just to show you do not need to play technical music all of the time…

Well done!