ac/dcSome time ago I decided to buy a number of classic AC/DC albums. I didn´t have many, and as my 9 year old son was asking for AC/DC music (how great is that) I though it was a good time to catch up a little. So  I was able to lay my hands on some remastered digipacks.

The great thing about these albums is, you kinda forget how many songs are actually burned into your memory cells. Some tracks are logical as we covered them in the time my band Chinawhite still played cover songs, but others are coming from somewhere else. And as I don´t recall some of them being actual hits in my country, this made me wonder. Somehow I must have picked them up. Maybe in the local bars while hanging out, I don´t know.

But it´s a great trip down memory lane listening to The Razors Edge (1990), Highway to Hell (1979) or Let There Be Rock (1977) or…. And I know some people butcher them for making the same record over and over again. But I believe they fail to see the big picture here. Yes, not every track is killer, but all in all this is highly enjoyable stuff that will put a smile on your face any day of the week… Great fun. Rock on dudes!

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