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Ace Frehley, Anomaly, 2010

ace frehley - anomalyWhat does a man, with an enormous legacy in a multi-million band, do when he is inspired to record another album? Well, if that man is Ace Frehley (Kiss), the answer is: simply do what you do best and that is to record a CD of rocking songs, play the guitar, and not worry to much…

That´s how simple life sometimes is dear people. In between my busy activities lately (after all I am, amongst other things, a recording musician myself), I have been listening to this album. I bought it because of the things I read about it and must say, I quite like listening to it. Some might think it is a bit patchy, and Ace is first a guitar slinger and second a singer, but overall it is very enjoyable. Consisting of 11 originals and 1 cover (Fox On The Run), I feel this is rooted in seventies rock. So it goes a little beyond your standard 3 chord song 😉 and of course that is a good thing. Moods vary from flower power-ish on a track like Change The World, to rocking like in Space Bear or Foxy & Free. Lyrics give a nice insight in the man´s thinking, and the honesty is touching.

Another nice touch is Ace thanking his former mates for putting up with his insanity. Despite taking 20 years to record another release, I think Ace should not worry about what his critics say. If he is able to write more albums in this vein, I am sure he will please a lot of people.