Acoustic Black, In A Different Light, 2019

acoustic black - in a different lightFrom the Bavaria region in Germany come this trio, Acoustic Black. The name, in combination with the front cover, should tell you a lot. Drums and bass accompany the acoustic guitar, resulting in a form of rocked up singer-songwriter sound. Or alternative acoustic rock as they call it.

And truth be told, that is what you get. As well as some tongue in cheek lyrics, so don’t say Germans have no humour. It’s a easy listen this, I can imagine this working great on an outdoor event or at in home concerts. Lots of driving rhythms combine nicely with the pop melodies. What also helps is they they cleverly added additional instruments here and there to give the songs a bit of extra colour.

Also an album that will be safe to play on the family barbecue 🙂 Good job!