Adam’s Curse, What The Ancients Knew About Us, 2020

adams curse - what the ancients knew about us I will not bother nor bore you with the reasons behind all the delays in writing reviews, but will keep trying to catch up. Maybe the solution is keeping it short?

So here we have Adam’s Curse, born out of the ashed of Glyder. Expect influences from Thin Lizzy to Rory Gallagher with elements of modern and progressive rock thrown in for good measure. And I might add a touch of Snowy White in the vocal department and the sometimes bluesy feel in the guitar playing.

Opener A Vibe For Philo is a nice story about the annual event celebrating Phil Lynott in Dublin. Other songs worth checking are Stargazer, more mellow songs like Poison Spring or My Canoe, or rocking tracks like Satellite or What Lives Matter.

All in all rock solid and enjoyable.