Adeia, Hourglass, 2013

adeia - hourglassYou are probably all familiar with the Jekyll and Hyde story. Well, apparently that dual faced madness has been translated into music because that is what comes to mind when you start listening to Adeia. From beautiful and peaceful soft music, enriched with cello and violin and calm vocals, to hard and heavy with grunts and growls and a hard hitting band. And the good thing about it is, it just makes sense. I love it when a band tries to cross borders and succeeds in translating their ideas into music performed with panache and conviction. And deliver songs as well, instead of just firing away randomly, only hoping to hit the target.

So the 7 piece formation debuts quite convincingly here! This mix of classical, metal and melancholy combines into a work that is certainly challenging, but hits home. On board most prominent member is Christiaan Bruin (Chris, Sky Architect) on drums. Music and lyrics are from Laura ten Voorde (Violin and vocals), Franc Timmerman (vocals) and Ruben van Kruistum (cello) and other members include Wabe Wierenga on guitar, Dennis Burgemeester on bass and Laurens Hoope on synths. the album was already recorded in 2011, but just got officially released by Layered Reality. And since the band have been soldiering on since recording it, who knows what comes next. Looking forward to that, this is fun!