Aeons In Solitude, Mourning Cloak, 2020

aeons in solitude - mourning cloakFrom Greece come Aeons In Solitude. This is their debut and while artwork and title may hint at a rather dark metal record, this turns out to be much more. Led by singer Alex Roussos, the band have managed to combine elements from metal, gothic, doom and prog and have thus constructed a very diverse yet absolutely entertaining album. The best thing about the album is that is does not sound like it is thrown together. To me, it sounds fresh, coherent and identifiable. Simply put, it sounds as Aeons In Solitude!

From opener White Witch to closer … And They Lived On, the 8 tracks that form the 51 minutes of music impress me. With power, groove, catchy melodies, instrumental parts and arrangements that keep every part of the songs interesting. This also makes it rather impossible to choose a favourite.

Simply put this is an album that I can recommend to anyone interested in (one of) the genres I mentioned! Killer.