Agnes Pihlava, Redemption, 2009

agnes pihlava - redemptionA little confession here; I think there are to little convincing singing woman in rock music. And by convincing I mean the ability to express more emotion than just singing in a lovely angelic voice. With a little bite so to speak.

But if you are with me on this matter, I am sure I will lighten up your day! This Agnes Pihlava is a real find.
Not only the songs on this album are fired up with heavy rocking guitars, the lady also sings on top of her longs. And does that with a lot of bite when she needs to. And the good part is, she has some sweet moments too ;-). Despite her range not being as impressive as Whitney HoustonĀ“s (before she got lost in unhealthy habits), I think Agnes has a very warm sounding voice with that little extra that makes me a happy listener. And an original sound to it too!

So I am glad to report this is a damn fine album. Little keyboards, but still a varied offering. A lot of guitars, and even the odd solo. Still all very melodic with catchy choruses without it becoming a drag. Check this out!

Personal play tips: Own Two Feet, For Your Redemption, Maybe I Was Wrong.