Airbag, Disconnected, 2016

airbag - disconnectedThe fourth album from this Norwegian band, but I think the first time for me writing about them. This band prides themselves in tying together lyrical themes and music. And this time the content is dealing with alienation between the individual and society.

So, while that sounds like a pretty heavy theme, the 6 songs and 60 minutes of music come across much lighter as to what you might expect. In fact, the overall pace is modest at best. Okay, the soaring guitar leads over the lush soundscapes are a perfect counterpoint for the vocals. But they never let it rip. Which leads to the obvious conclusion that this band is indeed heavily influenced by Pink Floyd.
There is no doubt in my mind that this is a beautiful album. Great songs and arrangements, very thoughtful and passionate. But there is that little devil inside me that would like to hear them explode once in a while. Just to shake everything loose and step out of the somewhat formulaic experience.

But never mind me, lots of people lap this up like birthday cake. And it is a perfect backdrop for an evening with friends, talking about the good old days…