Ajalon, This Good Place, 2009

ajalon - this good placeThis is the first album I hear of this American band. Based on this, it will not be the last! Excellent symphonic rock. But before I get ahead of myself, a step back.

When the disk started I was somewhat confused. I really thought it sounded kinda plastic, especially the guitars. But it didn´t take long to get sucked into listening. Though I still feel that they can improve in some aspects, this has turned out to be a very versatile and upper class disk. The overall sound suits the music just fine, so forget my earlier whining.

The most important member seems to be Randy George, who also plays with Neal Morse live. That gives the direction away a little. But understand me right, Ajalon are no copycats. In fact, most does not resemble Neal, or his former band mates SB at all. Here a lot of material focusses on the excellent vocals and the sometimes incredible guitar shredding. As is standard in this type of music, there is a lot of feel and light and dark in the album. And the inevitable epic track is present here also ;-).
I am sure it will get better with every play. Love this stuff!

Personal play tips: just push play en then repeat.


3 thoughts on “Ajalon, This Good Place, 2009

  1. Hello! Well, quite OK, but a little short – I usually like a more in-depth analysis, but better than nothing.

    I have a CD coming out later this year containing music I’ve written for [The Finnish National instrument] the 5-string kantele + other instruments. If you would like to review it, please let me know and I’ll mail you a copy – September? October? Don’t know yet, but most of it is already recorded. I’ll have to do the covers as well, layout etc. + record three more songs…

    1. Hi Stani,

      thanks for the time and the comment. Of course I would like to hear your CD and review it here. I will send you a mail with my adress.

      Hoping the last songs will come together nice and easy. Having released several albums with Chinawhite ; if I can offer some help, just let me know. But I believe you´ve been there before…

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