Alias Eye, In-Between, 2012

Alias Eye - In-BetweenAlias Eye have been around for quite a while, and despite owning several of their output, I am not sure how many titles they have released so far. Oh well, straight to this recent CD then, titled In-Between.

Again mainly a progressive rock album, and again they incorporated several other styles. In some cases, like a little metal in Indentured Pride and jazz in title track In-Between, that works just fine. In other cases, like the rap  in All The Rage, I am afraid I am still not totally getting it. But the band shows balls by trying anyway and that is a good thing.

Songs closest to the progressive rock tag, like album opener Arabesque, Time Machine or Stars Shall Fall, show the band convince with good songs and great melodies. Both vocally as instrumental. The voice of singer Philip Griffiths is warm and without having an enormous reach he still manages to capture the listener. I do feel towards the end of the album the songs appear to be less spellbinding, but still this album is a joy to listen to. If you liked them before, go out and buy it. If they are still unknown territory to you, it is about time to go and check them out. It is deserved.