Alias, Never Say Never, 2009

alias - never say neverThanks to Andrew McNeice from we are finally able to enjoy the lost Alias album aptly called Never Say Never. Carried by the immense voice of Freddy Curci we get 17 tracks of quality melodic rock. In the band also the famous mister Marco Mendoza on bass, co-songwriter Steve DeMarchi on guitars, Larry Aberman on drums, Robert O’Hearn and Denny DeMarchi on keyboards.

Listening to this, it is hard to understand why it never got released in the day… Must have been that grunge wave washing all rock bands from the public eye.
But anyway, times have changed again (thank God!) so here we are. This album is full of that infectious feel good rock that makes all fans of the genre stick to the style. So the choruses are catchy, harmony vocals in abundance, good musicianship and while being keyboard heavy, still enough guitars and solos to rock! Despite being smooth in overall feel, I never got the feeling the band cut their corners short. So enough variety to last!
And with 4 bonus tracks we get value for money as well. Buy it!