All I Know, Vanity Kills, 2010

All I Know - Vanity KillsNext CD to write about on my “support melodic rock dot com” mission is Vanity Kills from our Belgian neighbours of All I Know. Again released on the MelodicRockRecords label. Wait, did I say Belgium? Yes I did! Not the country you expect a band like this from…

Despite knowing Andrew really loves this band, at first play I was not all too sure as to why. All sounded nice and powerful, but pretty by the numbers. But over time, the music sank in. Yes, nothing earth shaking here, yet there is no denying the boys are sincere and must just love to play this type of stuff (well, if you are in it for the money, you better re-think your career choice anyway). With “stuff” being rock music straight from the eighties song book.

And they do tick the right boxes here. Songs with hooks and melodies. Catchy tunes, harmony vocals supporting the lead singer, and only a guitar solo when it lifts the song. So they are good at what they do. So good in fact, that had this been released 30 years ago, by any band from the USA, I am sure they would have been HUGE.

So if you strip away that it is 2012, and still cherish your old records collection, I am confident that this is right up your alley. As probably are most of the labels releases. So what are you waiting for? Buy some stuff over there and support the good cause.