Allen-Lande, The Showdown, 2010

allen lande - the showdownThe third CD already with two of the best voices in rock and metal, Jorn Lande and ‘Sir’  Russell Allen (Symphony X). Again penned en played by Magnus Karlsson (who must write songs in his sleep) en with Jaime Salazar (ex Flower Kings I think) on drums.

It’s a safe bet to say then when you know and like the previous CD’s and or other output from the names mentioned, you will like this as well. And while at one hand it is a pity that Magnus Karlsson’s band Last Tribe was sacrificed for him to be able to write all these songs (on this and other projects), I can only be happy he is now able to work with guys like this.

Should you be unfamiliar, this is highly melodic hard rocking music with progressive overtones and sung by two killer vocalists. Who would probably make a boring song sound good, let alone bring life to an already quality tune. And it is not all firing on all six. Enough room to breathe here!
So nothing left to complain about. Even the artwork from famed Rodney Matthews (Magnum) is stunning. Buy it or it will haunt you later…

Website (sample several songs here)