Alliance, Road To Heaven, 2008

alliance - road to heavenThis is another band American singer and multi instrumentalist Robert Berry is involved in. Also read my previous post about him. Alliance is a super group of sorts, consisting of Gary Pihl on guitars, David Lauser on drums, Alan Fitzgerald on keyboards and Robert Berry handles vocals and bass here. Together they must have sold a whole lot of albums (be it in whatsoever band)…

Some 9 years after the second album this new gem is released. As I have stated before, I don´t think mister Berry is capable of releasing bad music. And yeah, this is just up your alley if you like melodic rock with smooth melodies, inventive arrangements, and quality musicians. Oh, and it needs to rock as well. Nothing all too heavy necessarily, but some distorted guitars here and there (and sometimes some Hammond too) are always a sign of taste.

My definition of good songs is songs with head and tail, who are not very predictable, have some nice twists and turns, are well executed, vary enough to keep you interested and finally have melodies that stick without sounding syrupy. And this albums just delivers that. That is it really. Get it if you don´t already own it!

Personal play list; Road To Heaven, I Can Breathe, We Don´t Talk.