Almah, Fragile Equality, 2008

ALMAH - FRAGILE EQUALITYWith 2 members from Angra on board (singer Edu Falaschi and bass player Felipe Andreoli) it is not very strange that Almah sound a little like that ‘ big brother’ . It also makes it unclear why both bands co-exist. Probably mainly for the core to be able to release more of their own material.

With a move like that the question of course is, do we need this band? Well, need is a strong word, but there is no denying that this is a quality band. All important style figures are present (that is up tempo songs, galloping drums, flashy guitar solo´s, big sing along choruses, orchestral keyboards, etc.) But if the songs don´t hit the mark, style won´t save them from mediocrity. And in an already over flooded market it is hard to distinguish yourself from all that is available.

From that point of view Almah will not add. But fair is fair, this is by no means a bad record. It sounds as good as it looks and the team who put it all together can pride themselves with that achievement. Maybe not essential, but still worthwhile. And a song like All I Am will please even the most spoiled listener.

Personal play tips: Birds Of Prey, All I Am, You´ll Understand.