Alter Bridge, AB III, 2010

Alter Bridge -  AB IIIAlter Bridge is the successor to Creed (in case you did not know that), but with a guy called Myles Kennedy on vocals. And I do hope that name sounds familiar as I have been singing praise about him on the latest Slash record. And it is not only for those vocals I am liking Alter Bridge a lot more actually (compared to Creed that is). To my great joy I think this band has a lot more to say musically. And of course the mighty Mark Tremonti really ripping all he can out of his guitar here is not hurting my conceptions either. Creed were always playing it a little safer I think.

So, is this third album really the proverbial make or break release? I don´t know. For me this is another damn fine slab of melodic metal so I will not mind if they keep releasing a lot more of these. But things are strange. Myles is touring a lot with Slash (obviously) and the rest of the guys went on tour with their former band mate. So who knows what the future will bring.

For now I enjoy listening to this. As I said, melodic metal songs that kick your butt and are delivered with attitude and prowess.