Amboaje, All About Living, 2015

amboaje - all about livingObviously there is a strong connection between Spain and Andrew McNeice from Melodic Rock Records, as this is not the first and probably not the last release matching these criteria. Amboaje is the brainchild of singer and principal songwriter Toni Amboaje. The first thing of note is the message in the booklet: “it’s just one life. Make sure you stand up for your dreams”.  True words and Toni took them by heart and let them inspire some lyrics as well.

First song Over And Over was debuted as a video and I liked the melody and arrangement of the song. Yet not so much the dancing 🙂 Listening to the whole of the album, it becomes clear that this is a very mature album for a first release under this moniker. No info about past activities though, so don’t quote me on that. Toni has written 12 songs that convince on all accounts. Good singing, strong playing and memorable melodies. What we are looking for in a melodic rock album! Another plus is the variety on offer. From rocking tracks like the title track, to a beautiful duet with Paula Rojo on It’s Always You to a emotional ballad like Once, it is all there.

So fans of the label and or melodic rock in general, check it!