American Dog, Poison Smile, 2012

American Dog - Poison SmileBad Reputation, the label that sent me the Eldorado album, also was so kind as to surprise me with a couple of other releases. The first being American Dog, with their 2012 release Poison Smile. Labelled as Heavy Rock ‘ n Roll, which is actually a very fitting tag. If you have a hard time connecting with that style, think of it as Elvis, Bill Haley and The Ramones, coupled with the attitude of Lemmy and The Clash. Or Rock and Roll on steroids if you will. So it is loud, it is mean and filled with sex and humour.

The song titles alone: Just Like Charlie Sheen, Old Dog New Tricks, Lust And Greed, Bathroom Romance, etc. So fun intended and ready to spice up every party on the block. And with already more than 5 albums under the belt, an experienced outfit, even if I had never heard of them before. And with the extended guitar solo that is 2012 AD, they also show musicianship. (Don´t worry, they play well on the other tracks as well)

Bottom line: the ideal soundtrack for an alcohol infused Saturday night in any downtown area. Party On!