Anberlin, Cities, 2007

Anberlin - CitiesThis one is by special request (thanks to Twitter), but I am glad to oblige. Part of the whole Emo / Alternatieve rock scene, Anberlin are a 5 piece band that have a lot speaking for them.  First thing is the high energy level the album radiates. Very positive vibes floating here! Next are the melodies that are often infectious, yet avoid treading all to obvious paths. Also the fact that there are more lead vocalists gives them a rich colour. And of course, they rawk!

And where a lot of bands in the Emo territory use screaming vocals as part of their sound, Anberlin avoid them. This is all harmonic be it harmony, counter or gang styled vocals. The sound of the album may be more polished because of that, but for me it is a definite selling point. Regarding polished, the CD has been well produced, the guitars and drums make sure it kicks ass. Recommended and even suited for more traditional rock lovers!

Personal play tips: Godspeed, Adelaide, or The Unwinding Cable Car will give you a pretty good idea of what to expect.