Andromeda, Manifest Tyranny, 2011

Andromeda - Manifest TyrannyEmil from InnerWound has done it again! Release a capital progressive metal album that is. Of course Andromeda are no strangers to the scene and with this, their seventh release since 2011 (busy types!) they prove to be serious contenders for the throne of progressive music.

I don’t have a press sheet, yet I reckon this is a concept album. In between en during we hear several samples of speeches from for instance Barack Obama, Madelaine Albright, George Bush and Frank Zappa. All presented in the booklet as well.
And with titles like Lies R Us, Stay Unaware, Survival Of The Richest or Chosen By God, you do send some kind of message to your audience. 😉
But let’s talk about music here. Andromeda play a busy and complex type of progressive metal. But they manage to include highly effective and memorable melodies. On top of that, a song like Stay Unaware has a groove in the chorus that is impossible to resist. Making it an absolute monster track.
And it’s not just muscle here, Survival Of The Richest has a big quiet opening sequence. And more tracks have enough light and shade to keep you interested.
To conclude; a must buy for anyone into the genre. And for others, give it a try, maybe this will win you over…