Anette Olzon, Shine, 2014

anette olzon - shineWith a melodic rock and gothic / prog background, and most famous for her time with Nightwish, I was kinda curious as to where this solo album from Anette Olzon would lead us. And you know what, I am confident any fan of her past adventures will be happy with how this turned out.

Opening with Like A Show Inside My Head, we are treated with a beautiful song that could be described as a less metallic version of that Finnish band she was in. Melodic, at times bombastic, just very enjoyable. And this continues as the album plays on. Sometimes a bit more heavy, but never really over the top, this is a release that is a testament of her vocal prowess. And with all songs co-written by her, there is even more to wonder about. Floating for instance, is a happy little ditty that vaguely reminded me of Valensia. Lies is another song that would feel at home in her past, yet again brings its own character to the table. Great vocal also, especially as she looses the clear voice and gets a little rough around the edges.

Some may say this is nothing new and maybe they are right. But I like the album for what it is, a collection of melodic rock songs with light and dark, grandiose arrangements and convincing delivery. I say a job well done!