Aniday, Self Titled, 2014

anidayWithout a shadow of a doubt a release that passed by on too many people. A big shame, since this not only features the talent of Robbie Valentine (keys, bass, guitars, choirs and major song writer) but also the excellent vocals of one Maria Catharina. And while the album is recorded with these two, together with David Clarkson on drums and Paul Coenradie adding guitar solo’s on 3 tracks, meanwhile a live band has been assembled with Danny Simons on drums, Alex Mol on bass, Coenradie on guitars and Valentine and Maria doing their part.

The vocals of Maria Catharina hint at a more rocking version of Pat Benatar and the music could be described as an amalgam of Heart in their commercial successful eighties period, Benatar and eh, Valentine. And with Valentine in, you can count on layers of harmony vocals and some intricate instrumental arrangements. When Loving You Is Wrong is a huge ballad, Can’t Take No More and Hole In My Heart are effective rock songs with some nice sequencing.
Easy a very convincing album with international allure, that works from start to finish, so too good to be ignored! Released independently by choice I think, but through the website you can find the way to lay your hands on a copy. Do it!


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