Anubis Gate, Horizons, 2014

anubis gate - horizonsEvery time I listen to an Anubis Gate album, I am reminded of how great progressive metal can be. For me this is one of the best bands in the genre! And the reason for that is simple, they care about the song and technique is a means, not the destination. So their songs are rich, full of ideas and instrumental prowess, but above all they are melodic and are able to reach out to the listener.

And since I happen to believe that music should be able to connect and not impress on pure wizardry alone, for me they are doing the right thing. This quartet gets it and keeps delivering stunning albums. Singer and bass player Henrik Fevre is a real treat with his vocals. Fairly midrange perhaps, but very convincing, and the clever mixed in harmonies just add to that melodic sense.
So even when the band will tick the right boxes for many (impressive breaks, solos and even a 14 minute epic) for me the songs are what sets these guys apart. They may be a bit more technical than another genre favourite of mine, Threshold, I absolutely dig this stuff big time. Just a pity their older work is so hard to get and only for big money. Maybe their current label Nightmare Records can look into that as I am still missing a couple of earlier albums 😉 If you love progressive metal, this is one to own!