Arc Angel, Harlequins Of Light, 2013

Arc Angel - Harlequins Of LightJeff Cannata is back with another Arc Angel album! If life was fair, that would have been enough to let millions of people run to their favourite record store and pick this one up… Alas, many people still are not aware of the genius that is Cannata. So I, along with many others I am sure, still revel in his majesty and enjoy his latest release.

Amongst his fans Cannata is loved for his ear for melody, his skills in combining melodic rock structures with more symphonic style elements, his outstanding productional skills and his songs. He always strives for the best record possible (he seems a bit like Tom Scholz in that respect), so we get another run of of his classic track Fortune Teller on this one, as if he´s still looking for the definitive version. But fortunately there are 11 other songs on offer, and all are the way we want them. Maybe a bit more guitars here and there, but his somewhat hoarse voice still carries these tunes. As are his multi instrumental contributions. All songs are still catchy, they are still rich in textures and variation, and they still are as addictive as honey for the bees.

So again an album that oozes class from the first to the last second, from an artist I would have loved to have 20 or so albums from. Still, I cherish everyone I have, and keep hoping for more. Magical as always, what can I say: BUY!