Arcana Kings, Lions As Ravens, 2019

arcana kings - lions as ravensIt probably is a good thing I am aware that my mood influences how I perceive music. A few days ago I would probably have put this down as a solid but a bit mediocre album. But today I do hear a couple of tracks that carry fire.

So the former Johnny McCuaig Band, with seldom used bagpipes as part of the arsenal, do deliver some energetic tracks in their mix of pop, rock and a dash of punk. Especially the first few tracks (Drowning, Friend Of Mine and my favourite Here We Go) are vibrant and convincing. Still, with 9 tracks and a playing time of under 32 minutes, there is room for improvement. A track like Run Runaway has already been done too often.

A good (re)start and a band that probably will light up any stage.