Ark, Wild Untamed Imaginings, 2010

ark - wild untamed imaginingsSince the 1993 released Spiritual Physics, things have been rather quiet round the British band Ark (the Norwegian band with the same name is also on hiatus now, something with the name? After all, the original Ark is also quite lost I´m afraid…).

So maybe it´s not the longest break in history, but 17 years sure is time enough to come up with something special. I remember liking the 1993 release, but would have to dig it out, as it is a long time since I played it.

So let´s just focus on this release and see what it brings us. With 3 members still on board, singer Ant and guitar(synth) players Peter Wheatley and Steve Harris, and with known name John Jowitt on bass and the (unknown to me) Tim Churchman on drums, it seems the band have picked up where they left us with all those years ago. It must be Ant´s voice, but already the first vocal lines sound very familiar. Also the arrangements bring back memories. And I remember this band not taking themselves all too seriously at times. So prepare for some rather fun parts. Some little theatrics if you will.

For me this is a nice trip down to memory lane. Without the band sounding like they are copying themselves. Sound this is up to date. And the songs aren´t half bad either. So if you liked them then, you will like them now. They got older, and probably wiser, so fingers crossed another one will not be 17 years away…

Personal play tips: try Boudicca´s Chariot, Flagday, Change pt 2 and Eight Deadly Sin for size.