Armored Dawn, Barbarians In Black, 2018

armored dawn - barbarians in blackThis front cover screams metal now doesn’t it? And yes, you’d be right! Now it is just a questions of what type of metal. Alas the answer to that is not so simple. At least for me, you all probably know by now I suck at genre tagging.

While listening to this I hear bits of power metal, progressive metal, gothic metal (Choirs!) and probably even a few more influences. But I cannot say that the album is a non coherent collection of ideas.
If anything, this Brazilian 6 piece mean business and pack some serious punches. And they just make all these influences work. Lots of details in the arrangements, a lot of dynamics too, but man, when they are at it they really are in face melting mode.

And the best thing (besides all musicians delivering the goods), is that singer Eduardo Parras is a powerhouse with a very melodic approach to his singing, even when he adds a little roughness. Combined with the harmony vocals, this keeps everything together and gives the songs an accessible sound.
Check for instance the catchy Unbreakable or the great building of tension in Sail Away.  And when the solo here is more melodic than shred, you know this band puts the songs first. So much so, I forgive them the sometimes too typical metal lyrics.

Great metal album, they deserve to make it big.