As Tall As Lions, You Can’t Take It With You, 2009

as tall as lions - you can't take it with youSometimes the life of a reviewer is not easy. In this case it is the struggle to put to words my feelings regarding the band As Tall As Lions with their 2009 output You Can’t Take It With You.

It starts with the CD artwork. Take a look yourself… And the music is kind of a category in itself. It it space rock, symphonic rock, alternative, new age, or?

So what I cán say is that the band have released a very intriguing album. And yes, it will take you several spins to sink your teeth into it, but it is really worth the while. Some songs are instant, while others present themselves more in the form of fragmented ideas or soundscapes or something like that.
Still, at times the music is so beautiful it hurts. What music should be about anyway, or not? It is save to say some will not make the effort to get acquainted, which is their loss. I hope a lot of people will check this out, the band deserve it!  For the adventurous and the daring, this will challenge you big time. And I like it!

Personal play tips: You Can´t Take It With You,  In Case Of Rapture, Is This Tomorrow.