Asaf Sirkis, Solar Flash, 2021

front cover solar flashIsraeli drummer Asaf Sirkis has teamed up with famed UK keyboardist Gary Husband and Scottish bassist Kevin Glasgow to create his new album. Guesting are Polish singer Sylwia Bialas and USA guitarist Mark Wingfield. An international cast, yet familiar territory for label MoonJune.

And with the name of the label mentioned, it is also clear we are once again heading into jazz territory, or progressive fusion if you will. Anyway, lots of things to enjoy on the 8 track album. Opener Kinship is in part dreamy, with the vocal sounds of Bialas adding extra colour to the proceedings. And dreamy parts happen throughout the album, check for instance Under The Ice and Aquila. Whereas music on the label sometimes can be very abstract with lots of musicality happening all at once, here the players interact in a more laid-back way, creating space for each other and thus music that breathes. Something I prefer as it makes it easier to connect to the songs. And if you dig musicality and technique, there will always be plenty of that on any of these releases.

An album I can recommend if you are new to the music on MoonJune.