Aspera, Ripples, 2010

aspera - ripplesIt must be a bummer for a band when when after a CD release they are presumably very proud of, it turns out they need to change their name. Well this happened to Aspera, and now they are called Above Symmetry. And released this album again under that name…But I bought the original version, and as this is about music, that name tag is a little less important (except for them probably 😉 )

The style in which the band operates is melodic progressive metal. Think Enchant meeting with Dream Theater while Symphony X is hosting the party. So yes, a lot of musical muscles, but fortunately a lot of songs with melodies that are able to hold your attention. Singer Atle Petterson reminded me of Enchant the most, with his light voice. Light mind you, not thin!
Songs range from 1:30 to 7:51 minutes, so no long epics. Another testimony that songs are important the the guys. I liked the album from first play. Lost of backing vocals (adding to the melodic feel), enough dynamics and variation, and also players that can handle their instruments well. So pick this up if you are into the style!