At The Grove, And All The Fear We Left Behind, 2021

at the grove front coverSometimes an album just puts a smile on your face. And here is one of them. Already on first play, I was impressed by the music and intricate arrangements of the 10 songs on offer. So just imagine my surprise when I found out this is one guy, German multi-instrumentalist Dennis Abstiens.

Dennis is a trained drummer, and that is one reason the album impresses me. Not only because the drums sound good (and varied) but also because of the clever rhythms, changes in tempo and measures, breaks and grooves. But what I liked most was that I not once missed vocals. The songs are still very melodic and passionate. There is obviously a lot of love gone into the writing and recording of this music, and it shows.

So if you like progrock make sure you listen in on this album, I love it!