Atmosfear, Zenith, 2009

Atmosfear - ZenithDespite the orchestral opening minute Beginnings, second track Loss Of Hope makes it clear within seconds from what neck of the woods Atmosfear are from. This is progressive metal heavily influenced by the likes of Dream Theater and Fates Warning.
And as that are examples with allure, it is hard for any band to set one self apart and have an identity of their own.

With that in mind, it is obvious that Atmosfear are no copycats. It is mainly because of the unison riffing between bass, guitar and drums that the comparison arises. Overall I feel the band focus more on songs and melodies, and in my book that is always a good thing. Of course there are guitar and keyboard solo´s in abundance, as there are heavy guitars, but there is also enough atmosphere (pun intended) in the tracks. Parts of Generations reminded me of that great, yet lost English band The Quest (check out their second album Change if you can find it). This because of the subtle mood swings and the lyrical guitar solo.  The band was also bold enough to include the epic 23 plus minute track Spiral Of Pain. So do they mean business, but luckily have the class to pull off such a thing.
Comes recommend so pick up a copy if you like your progressive metal a little more melodic.

Personal play tips: try the ones mentioned, or play as a whole.