Audio Pilots, Breaking The Silence, 2015

audio pilots - breaking the silenceThese Dutch Audio Pilots are from the Southern part of the country (region Eindhoven – Venlo for those familiar with the geography) and 2 members of them I actually have known for quite some years. Singer and guitar player Harold van Gestel (also wrote most of the songs) did some backing vocals on the second Chinawhite album and drummer Haico Brummans managed that same outfit a couple of years. You may also know Harold from The Chill Factor and various other bands.

Together with Will van der Linden on lead guitar and Alexander Tripiana on bass, they have recorded this debut EP. Well EP, the 5 tracks get company from another 3 stretching the running time to about 33 minutes. There was a time that was an album. But it’s always a matter of quality over quantity so let us delve into the songs. Self described as a mix of the Foo Fighters and the mighty King’s X, and from where I stand a healthy dose of classic rock, this is a most welcome introduction to the band.
Harold has a pleasant rock voice to say the least and the band as a whole seems to gel well. The songs are melodic, with enough twists and turns to avoid the all too familiar roads. And of course they rock. Nowhere near anything metal by the way. But with enough bite to get your energy pumping.

Very entertaining and certainly wets the appetite for more!