Audioslave, Out Of Exile, 2005

Audioslave - Out Of ExileLet me ask you if you like the voice of Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell? And dig the pulsating beats and extravagant guitar techniques courtesy of Rage Against The Machine? Well then this is a no brainer I guess. Consisting of exactly those components Audioslave are a perfect example of how such a combination can deliver.

And there is little more I can add to that picture. This is the melodies and vocal prowess of Cornell backed by the fierce rhythms and fretboard experiments of Morello and company. A lot of groove and feel, making it impossible to not enjoy this album.
For people not previously into the mentioned names: if rock music with a terrific singer and ballsy arrangements with tons of drive and freaky solo┬┤s are what gets you going, y’ all already know what to do. Enjoy!