Audrey Horne, Youngblood, 2013

Audrey Horne - YoungbloodYES! A new Audrey Horne album is always such  a pleasure. Find two other albums here on the blog as well. The Norwegians around singer Toschie never fall short of delivering a damn fine slab of hard rocking riffs, melodic choruses and grooves that keep your neck muscles in shape. And this time it seems they are even more focused on delivering hard hitting songs straight to our home stereo. That is, album openers Redemption Blues and Straight Into Your Grave must rank among the most forward rocking songs they have ever done. And I like it! But in the case of Audrey Horne, that is pretty much a given.

Title track Youngblood has a great chorus, but the way it is somewhat reminiscent of Thin Lizzy is what brings the greatest surprise. It is in no way some carbon copy, but what a song! There Goes A Lady on the other hand, seems more influenced by Blackmore´s guitar wizardry. Keyboards are there, but mostly in the background. Although in Show And Tell they even have a solo spot. Sometimes the hammond pops up a bit more, adding that extra sizzle.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is the booklet. On one side it looks a bit like a B-movie poster for some horror movie. The side with the lyrics has some extra drawings and features the band members. Really cool! Such a great band deserves the biggest possible audience. So be sure to go check them out!