Auras, New Generation, 2010

Auras - New GenerationBrazilian band Auras released their début New Generation upon the hungry AOR crowd in 2010. Constructed around the talents of singer Gui Oliver, guitarist Ferpa Lacerda en drummer Edu Sallum, the band are operating in the field of bands like Journey or Toto.

And like fellow countrymen Tempestt, they deliver a stunning album.  The reason being they proof able to avoid all too obvious song structures and melodies and still achieve instant attraction. There is a lot of detail in the arrangements, the album has a grandiose sound (we expect nothing less when Dennis Ward is involved), and the playing is impeccable.

As you would expect from a melodic rock / AOR record, you get songs ranging from driving rockers like Reach Out or Beauty Of Dreams, mid-tempo rockers like Forever In Your Eyes, to heartfelt ballads like In My Arms. And while Gui’s voice is not unlike that of Steve Perry, the band are no Journey clone. In this style it is always hard to realize an unique sound, but I think they did the best they could at constructing this addictive CD. And given enough time, who knows how they will develop. I wish them lots of success and for now enjoy this surprising album a little more.

Personal play tips: Forgive And Forget, New Generation, Hungry Hearts.