Avantasia, The Scarecrow, 2008

avantasia - the scarecrowEdguy mastermind Tobias Sammet delivered another CD with his Avantasia side project in 2008 and called it The Scarecrow. As is the case with a lot of projects, the cast is a who`s who in metal. With some less obvious names as well. So we hear Amanda Sommerville, Michael Kiske, Jorn Lande, Bob Catley, Roy Khan, Oliver Hartmann, but also the mighty Alice Cooper enlightens the track The Toy Master with his distinct vocals.

Anyone into the style, or familiar with Sammet’s earlier work will know what to expect from this release. I especially like the eleven plus minute title track for it’s phenomenal build up and symphonic overtones. And also the Sommerville / Kiske sung ballad What Kind Of Love hits home hard, beautiful doesn’t do it justice. Guessing that is the origin of the CD they did together later. Of course any track with the mighty Jorn is above average. And Avantasia does not do average, thank you very much.
So sometimes heavy, sometimes symphonic, but always melodic with choruses that will appeal to many. And enough instrumental prowess to satisfy the more technical listeners.

There we go again, another mandatory purchase.