Avenged Sevenfold, Nightmare, 2010

avenged sevenfold - nightmareAfter releasing what I considered their best album yet (by far), Avenged Sevenfold are back with Nightmare. Going through hard times after the untimely loss of drummer The Rev, the band picked up the pieces with Mike Portnoy hitting the skins. and, fair is fair, continuing their level with apparent ease.

So if you liked their white self titled album, this is a no brainer. Their brand of nu metal again results in an album chock full of songs that hit the mark. And the best thing is, I cannot sat it feels like they are trying to become commercially viable. I mean, opening with the title song we get over 6 minutes of moods and riffing, wrapped in a great chorus, days could be worse. Welcome To The Family is another highlight, catchy as hell and still more groove and power than the average train. And the stunning guitar solos are also still omnipresent. Danger Line has a great end section, based on piano and trumpet. amazing how they pull that off with such a double bass fuelled song.

So I wont even bother to touch upon the other tracks. We get cross genre appeal, great musicians with songs to match, variety, power, feel and melody. Love ´m!