Avenged Sevenfold, Same, 2007

avenged sevenfold 2007The first 2 albums from Avenged Sevenfold were a bit too metalcore for me. But since their third release City Of Evil, things have been improving to these ears, with this album being some kind of chocolate cake. And hey, I just happen to really like chocolate…

Several songs from this 2007 release have been on heavy video rotation paving the way for the boys to a bigger market, and they deserve it. Despite references to Christian themes (for instance the band name relates to the Bible book of Genesis), the band deny they want to influence people, it´s all entertainment.

And entertain they do. To me the mix of excellent and powerful heavy metal guitar riffs and soloing akin to NWOBHM bands, aggressive and also soulful vocals (with that little rough edge for extra sizzle) and melodies, with that sense of urgency common to modern bands, really sets my audio system on fire. And these boys are not afraid to experiment with other moods as well as Gunslinger and album closer Dear God, so expertly disclose. The latter being one of the most beautiful tracks I have heard in recent years…
A heartily recommended album which makes curious for the new release Nightmare (which partly deals with the tragic and unexpected loss of drummer The Rev).

Personal play tips: Almost Easy, Afterlife, Dear God.


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