Awake By Design, Carve The Sun, 2015

awake by design - carve the sunShould anyone need proof that progressive metal is still alive in the UK, you might be interested to check out this bunch. I did not receive a lot of info from the band, but from their website I learned they are a 5 piece with vocals, bass, drums, guitar and keyboards.

But lets first take a look at the album, their second. On it are 10 songs with a running time of almost 50 minutes. For a independent release it sounds well produced and balanced, and manages to pack a punch. And like fellow countrymen Threshold, their brand of progmetal focuses more on melody than on technique. And every follower of the blog will know that is extra points in my book. The band are also not afraid to use dynamics in their songs. I must say singer Adrian Powell is at his best in the more quiet pieces in my humble opinion. When the band play full on, he has a hard time topping them with his melodies and voice. But that might also be down to the way they wanted it mixed.

I had fun listening to the album. Good songs, enough variation to keep me interested. A bit sad they have to do it all by themselves, but if we all buy the thing instead of downloading it from a torrent site, that might change… Recommended!


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  1. Please buy this CD! Come and see them live too! Soon to tour with Stream Of Passion in October in UK and also supporting Amorphis in Wolves on 22/3!

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