B.D. Gottfried, Motion Fever, 2015

bd gottfried - motion feverMuch to my amazement this turns out to be the seventh release by this Canadian musician. Alas I have never heard of him before let alone his music. And I say “alas” deliberately because if this album is anything to go by, the music speaks volumes and will surely attract people that are into rock with influences from pop and prog. The result of that mix is an album that is very melodic and catchy, yet its elaborate arrangements will also appeal to people that like their music a bit more challenging. The quality is really high, but with some award winning names involved (Siegfried Meier) and being able to work from your own studio surely helps I guess. Also the art of of high calibre.

The music did remind me a bit of the Belgians of Fish On Friday. Or maybe a bit of Alan Parsons but with a far more rockier edge to it. Bill is not only the song writer, but also provides vocals, keyboards and drums. Help comes from Meier on backing vocals, guitars and bass, Dan Gottfried on drums and various others on guitar and bass. This is an album that can be played back to back easily. Very varied, and still the melodies are on the forefront. Most songs are fairly short (hence the pop reference) but there is never a dull moment.

So I find myself very impressed by this, and you will be too if you give it a try.