Bangalore Choir, Cadence, 2010

Bangalore Choir - CadenceAfter a long hiatus Bangalore Choir are back! Well to be honest, part of them. And as singer David Reece released a solo album not so long before, it is tempting to say that this is sounding more like a successor to that, than to the On Target classic.

But as I am more into listening than into making connections and or discussions about comebacks or solo outings, let´s return to the music.

I think this is a more rocking affair than On Target was. More up to date, but also more straight. Reece still has a convincing voice, and writes catchy tunes with partners in crime like guitar player and producer Andy Susemihl and Tommy Denander, to name but a few. Drums are provided by my dear friend Hans in ´t Zandt and there are several guest guitar solo´s from the likes of Christian Tolle or Martin Kronlund.
Music like this will always find an audience. Some songs nest themselves straight into your system. Martyr is instant, as is a track like Survival Of The Fittest. Livin´ Your Dreams has a nice groove and a exciting middle section. Tomorrow is a high octane rocker with Hans flashing some of his considerable skills. Still Have A Song To Sing is beautiful, with a meaningful lyric and a heartbreaking solo.

So there you go, again an album to enjoy, rain or shine!


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