Bangalore Choir, On Target, 2010

bangalore choir - on targetAt the time of it´s original release in 1992 I wasn´t aware of this band and album. But after reading so many good things about it, and with my buddy Hans in ´t Zandt playing drums on the new release Cadence, I decided it was time to catch up.

Funny thing with going back in time is, you get a whole other perspective on things. For instance, the singing of David Reece reminded me a lot of that of Richie Sambora (Stranger In This Town era). Also the songs and vibe of the album kept me in that frame of mind.
But as that is actually a nice place to be, I had little trouble connecting to this album as well. Music like this has a timeless feel about it that will attract listeners of any age. It is melodic, it has feel and has an identity that we can relate to.

In short, I have no problem with people still liking this record and the 2010 remaster is a deserved one. So if you don´t already own it, pick it up! Oh, you might be able to find the original version as well. It is easy to spot as that has a lovely lady on the bomb…

Personal play tips: Angel In Black, Loaded Gun, Doin´ The Dance.


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