Battersea, Arguments & Sentiments, 2019

Battersea - Arguments & SentimentsWhere the Rock Company label normally releases melodic (hard) rock or progressive music, occasionally something a bit different comes to the surface. So here we have Dutch band Battersea!

The 5 piece recorded their full length debut (after an EP and a demo in earlier years) in the studio of bassist Erwin Hermsen (see also Souls Of Deaf), making this sound like a big budget high profile record company release. And when it comes to the music, the guys came up with 11 tracks that will make fans of bands like Muse, Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon or U2 very happy. Should they take note!

Opener To Ithaca is accompanied by a great (and funny) video, but lots of songs are hit material if you ask me. Hard to choose favourites, but The Just, A Sound or The Sight are surely amongst them. And them adding Trapped (Bruce Springsteen version) as a bonus track does not hurt either.
And it is in the little details that you hear the quality at work. Not only from a sonic perspective, but also in breaks, hidden time signature changes and so on. This is high calibre melodic power pop / pop rock with a slight alternative touch and catchy as the flu in kindergarten.

Are you sold yet?