Beatles With An A

beatles with an aProbably because of a previous post about this great Liverpool band, I was asked if I would like to take a look at this book. Or more accurately, this graphic novel. Mind you, it is very clear on not being a comic! So when this arrived in the post I just had to pick it up immediately and actually read it front to back to front. The story covers the various members (even the ones gone when they hit it big) from early on, and continues until their career really hit off in 1962.

Most of it is accurate, but luckily for me the writer allows for some comical twists here and there. For instance the book´s hard cover; on the front a situation you will probably recognize, but it is set in Hamburg, at the infamous Reeperbahn. And on the back it turns out the two early members Stu and Pete are also following in on the footsteps.
Personally I learnt a few new things in the story, but that may vary depending on your knowledge on the fab four. I think this is a great book, easy to read, lot´s of fun and essential to any serious Beatles fan, whether into graphics or not. It oozes quality, not only in the drawings, but also in the hard cover and the printing.

So a big tip of the hat to Finland’s Mauri Kunnas, get it at: