Beledo, Dreamland Mechanism, 2016

beledo - dreamland mechanismQuite an all star line up on this MoonJune Records debut for Beledo (guitars, violin, keyboards, bass and vocals): Gary Husband on drums, Lincoln Goines and Tony Steele on bass, Dewa Budjana on guitar, etc. You don’t know most of them you say? Well, then I guess you do not know much about the label and it’s releases either…

This is another progressive jazz-fusion album and the thing with those is, you really have to be in the mood for them. Because where tracks as Mechanism, Bye Bye Blues or Lucilla are melodic and fairly easy to connect to, songs from the calibre of  Marylin’s Escapade and Sudden Voyage are for the larger part vehicles to show off the immense playing capabilities of the involved musicians.

Sure, I am impressed with Beledo, he shines on various instruments and is an enormous talent. But for me it ought to be about the song first and foremost, and less about technique. So if future releases find the right balance, I am sure more people will find something to their liking. Most of this release is for insiders only I’m afraid!